Want to manage Database Schedule with UI? Here is Laravel Database Schedule is a package to schedule tasks through a UI dashboard without having to redeploy your application.

But you’ll still need to write the scheduled task commands, once created, you can use the provided /schedule endpoint to configure a task’s schedule:


🌟 Features

  • Manage scheduled tasks via a GUI dashboard (create, edit, delete, disable)
  • Custom authentication logic for dashboard access using Laravel gates
  • Configurable parameters via UI
  • Configure Before and after webhook endpoints
  • Send task output via email
  • See command run history from the dashboard
  • Configure job rules for no overlap, executing on one server, run even during maintenance mode, etc.

⚡ Installation

composer require robersonfaria/laravel-database-schedule

php artisan migrate

✌ Environment variables

You can set the following environment variables to configure schedules:

  • SCHEDULE_TIMEZONE : The default is the same configured for the application, but if you need the schedules to run in a different timezone, it is possible to configure it with this variable
  • SCHEDULE_CACHE_DRIVER : The default is file
  • SCHEDULE_CACHE_ENABLE : The default is disabled when APP_DEBUG=true and enabled when APP_DEBUG=false

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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